Monday, August 04, 2008

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Not Baby Clothes

It's a very rare occurrence, but I actually sewed for myself for a change!

I present the cuteness that is my new apron!


Love the apron, but I don't know if I'll be making another. Maybe as a gift I suppose. I need to shorten the neck straps since 2yds of bias is definitely more than necessary and makes tying difficult. It was an easy to follow pattern though and is now my new favorite :)

Emmeline Apron Pattern

Friday, April 25, 2008

Rocker Baby

rocker baby, originally uploaded by aimeemade.

I found this cool Aerosmith logo ribknit last year (I think). I hate ribknit, but I think this turned out pretty well.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sweet Baby Things #462

The lighting was awful in here tonight, but I don't know that I'll be motivated to retake these tomorrow.

NCBE again, size 3-6 months. I think all of these fabrics except for the brown cl are Chez Ami. I got to use my new Coverpro and I love it!!
(the browns really do match! like i said, awful lighting!)


Now I just have to decide which baby gets which outfit!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Projects in the Queue

Just thought I'd list out these things to try and keep myself accountable :)

  • Baby gift for "E"
  • Baby gift for "K"
  • Emmeline apron #1
  • Emmeline apron #2
I got the pattern for the Emmeline apron last week. Since I made a slew of aprons last year for everyone but myself, I thought I deserved one.

Apron #1 will be in these fabrics:
Chocolate Lollipop by Anna Maria and Duet dots by Timeless Treasures
I love the aqua/brown combo! The ties will be done in a dark brown.

Apron #2 will be in these fabrics:
Jitterbug by Cosmo Cricket

Again with the blue/brown combo, yes, but it's oh so cute!

If only it was so easy to pick the fabrics for the baby outfits! I'd probably be sewing more often!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A New Addition & A Little Clean Up

I'd like to introduce you to the newest addition to my sewing set up.
Isn't she lovely?! I've been wanting a coverhem for a while now and so I had to snap one up when the price recently dropped! I'm looking forward to learning how to use her!

Before I allowed myself to sit down and get to know my new machine, I made myself get the sewing room into order. My fabric shelves were getting unruly again, so I decided to ruler fold everything. Here's a neater version of what it looked like before I started...
Getting started...
and all finished!
Ok, well, it's not completely finished. I mean, the fabric is all folded and put away, but I still need to figure out how to organize and store my yarn. I'm thinking a wide 2-drawer Rubbermaid thing will probably do the trick. Eventually, I think I'd like to replace my plastic shelving with some chrome shelving, but that will have to wait for a little while until some other reno projects around the house are finished.

So now that that is all out of the way, I need to order new curtains. Jay wanted to install French doors to separate the (empty) living room from the craft room, but I suggested hanging curtains instead. It'll be less expensive, no doubt and I think will do just as good of a job. It's also a good excuse to get rid of the current ugliness that's hanging on the curtain rods right now... blech!

A few words about ruler folding. My eyes say it's a thing of beauty, my back would thoroughly disagree! I was more than a little doubtful that it would work for my thicker fabrics (fleece, sherpa, terry, etc), but the folds weren't nearly as bulky as I thought they would be and they did take up less space than I thought they would.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Sweet Baby Things

I'm so behind on baby gifts. I can't figure out why, but sewing hasn't appealed to me in such a long time. Maybe it's the tracing and cutting... those are my least favorite parts. The actual sewing part was actually nice these past few days.

New Conceptions 9-12m

So, the above outfit is about 4 months late... oops! Hopefully it will fit its intended recipient, the 9th child of one of my good internet friends. I met her when we were pregnant with our almost 11 year old girls! It's the New Conceptions Baby Essentials pattern that I like so much in size 9-12 months.

The below outfit is only a few weeks late. It's for a friend of Jay's who's wife just had their 4th baby. I made this one in size 3-6 months and am hoping the kid hasn't really chunked up yet!

New Conceptions 3-6m

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

For My Pretty Ballerina

This is a wrap top for Kenna. I made her a quickie one a few months ago just to try out the pattern and to see if she liked it and she's worn it ever since, so I thought it was time for a new one. Plus, she just got a new leo and leg warmers and the old one doesn't match :) This is from Ottobre 3/2006 and is made from black cotton lycra. I omitted the ribbon ties because she prefers to just tie the front.

Next up... Sweet Baby Things. Surprise, surprise, right? It has been a while! I've got a quilt in the works too!

Monday, January 07, 2008


Michelle asked me to knit her another kitty hat (from Stitch 'n Bitch), but this time in black. It seems a little big, but hopefully it'll fit! Quick knit for once. I bought the yarn on Thursday and finished it last night. My carpel tunnel is still acting up, so I was only able to knit for short periods of time.
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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Knitting Lately

I've been knitting far more often than I've been sewing! It's a portable craft so I can knit while I'm waiting for the kids at dance class or while watching TV. The only down side is that my carpel tunnel has been flaring up big time. I haven't had to do the daily ibuprofen regimen or wear my braces for almost 3 years, but I'm back to that now. Anyway... on to the squishy stuff!

I made some LTK pilot hats for a friend's baby. The sizing on her patterns never really works for me (I knit pretty tight), so I made 2 sizes just in case and have no idea if either will fit. I used Knitpicks Swish Superwash and would definitely buy this yarn again... very nice!

Next it was a scarf for my good friend Diann. We were at our staff Christmas party looking at another teacher's scarf and she mentioned that she wanted a handmade scarf. I'm hoping to see her this week so I can gift it to her! Wavy pattern from in
Lambs Pride Superwash Peacock colorway.

I have two more projects on the needles for me :)

Palindrome scarf in Paton's SWS Stripes, Natural Pink colorway. This yarn is so incredibly soft and pretty!

Jaywalker scarf
in Knitcol Adriafil, which is a very cool self-striping yarn. Superwash too so it's easy care. I had to modify the pattern just a tad because hers wasn't working for me for some unknown reason.

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