Friday, March 07, 2008

Sweet Baby Things

I'm so behind on baby gifts. I can't figure out why, but sewing hasn't appealed to me in such a long time. Maybe it's the tracing and cutting... those are my least favorite parts. The actual sewing part was actually nice these past few days.

New Conceptions 9-12m

So, the above outfit is about 4 months late... oops! Hopefully it will fit its intended recipient, the 9th child of one of my good internet friends. I met her when we were pregnant with our almost 11 year old girls! It's the New Conceptions Baby Essentials pattern that I like so much in size 9-12 months.

The below outfit is only a few weeks late. It's for a friend of Jay's who's wife just had their 4th baby. I made this one in size 3-6 months and am hoping the kid hasn't really chunked up yet!

New Conceptions 3-6m


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