Thursday, December 27, 2007

Knitting Lately

I've been knitting far more often than I've been sewing! It's a portable craft so I can knit while I'm waiting for the kids at dance class or while watching TV. The only down side is that my carpel tunnel has been flaring up big time. I haven't had to do the daily ibuprofen regimen or wear my braces for almost 3 years, but I'm back to that now. Anyway... on to the squishy stuff!

I made some LTK pilot hats for a friend's baby. The sizing on her patterns never really works for me (I knit pretty tight), so I made 2 sizes just in case and have no idea if either will fit. I used Knitpicks Swish Superwash and would definitely buy this yarn again... very nice!

Next it was a scarf for my good friend Diann. We were at our staff Christmas party looking at another teacher's scarf and she mentioned that she wanted a handmade scarf. I'm hoping to see her this week so I can gift it to her! Wavy pattern from in
Lambs Pride Superwash Peacock colorway.

I have two more projects on the needles for me :)

Palindrome scarf in Paton's SWS Stripes, Natural Pink colorway. This yarn is so incredibly soft and pretty!

Jaywalker scarf
in Knitcol Adriafil, which is a very cool self-striping yarn. Superwash too so it's easy care. I had to modify the pattern just a tad because hers wasn't working for me for some unknown reason.

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Sewing Lately

I'll be honest... I have no desire to sew right now. Zero. Zip. Zilch. It stinks because there are quite a few gifts that I'd love to be able to send people, but I just can't make myself (or find the time to) do them. I was hoping that Christmas break would light a fire under me, but it hasn't.

I did bust out the sewing machine to make teacher gifts this year. I bought the Mini Patchfolio pattern at Craft Apple. It wasn't hard, but it was kind of tedious so assembly line sewing worked pretty well for these (I had to make 4).



We added gift certificates for each teacher and they were well received. Hopefully it's a useful gift and won't be tossed aside with all the candles and lotion!